is a high quality Mexican health and gourmet food brand. Our innovative products are carefully chosen to be sold in global markets.

Our aim is to deliver only the best and the richest ingredients from our beloved land in Mexico, which are representative of our culture and cuisine. We work closely with our producers to meet the highest quality standards of the most demanding markets in the world.

Kanté is a fusion of ancient Mexican culture and contemporary cuisine, adapted to the tastes and habits of the international consumers, who aspire to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

 The word “KANTÉ” comes from the Mayan word “K’ANTEMO” which means “the hearing tree” because its fruit, a shining brown seedcase, is shaped like an ear.

Our Global Presence

Our Values


Health and Wellness

We want to contribute to the world’s nutrition by selecting some of the most traditional ingredients grown in Mexico, which have amazing and powerful effects on health.


Our strict production and export processes allow us to guarantee that our products always meet the nutrition content and food safety standards to make them worthy of all tables around the world.

Ancient nutrition

All of our products are deeply connected with the origin of our culture. We want to proudly spread the essence of Mexican colours and flavours to the world. We respectfully value the knowledge of our ancestors when selecting a product to embrace the brand Kanté.