Avocado Oil

Kanté Avocado oil is the healthiest cooking oil you can add to your diet. Its high smoking point (260ºC) makes it a truly versatile oil ideal for hot or cold dishes, and even for stir-frying!

The reason it is so healthy is because it is cold pressed from avocados, which is widely considered as a superfood because it contains great amount of good fats, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is highly recommended for paleo style diet.


Net Content

 250 ml.

100% Natural

No preservatives

No artificial flavors


High smoke point

500° F (260° C)

Sugar Free


Hass Avocados


Shelf Life

24 months

Gluten Free


No preservatives



Nutritional facts


Avocado fruit is native to Mexico. Nowadays Mexico has 30% of the World’s avocado production because it has the ideal soil and weather for avocado production, and centuries of experience in the cultivation of the fruit. This is why we  select only the best avocados in the world to make the highest quality of avocado oil.